These are some of the key companies, projects and collaborations that Spraengfarlig! has initiated or contributed to:

Uhrlaut Records (2006 – ongoing)

Uhrlaut Records is a Danish recording label specializing in releasing challenging electronic music and video by Scandinavian artists. The label was founded in 2007 and sports a musical profile that spans the entire electronic music spectrum ranging from lush, ambient landscapes and abstract glitch sounds over vocal driven electronica singer-songwriting to more challenging, danceable breaks and beats.

Uhrlaut’s artistic approach is audiovisual and aims to make all releases combine music and digital visual art in unison, thereby enabling the music artists to explore their audiovisual expressions – often in collaboration with one or more established video artists.

Founded by Christian Villum & Sune “MOTORSAW” Petersen

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books (2015 – ongoing)

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books is a non-profit publisher based in Denmark. It focuses on the spectrum where people, technology and culture meet and puts its energy in publishing books that provides new and alternative perspectives on the relationship between these parties. This manifests in a fascination with topics such as knowledge sharing, digital cultures, entrepreneurial citizens, sub cultures, community creation, new uses of urban space, disruptive technologies and, above all, experiments with open source principles and tools.

All publications from Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books are published under Creative Commons licenses to ensure easy sharing.

Founded by Christian Villum & Niels Peter Hvillum.

Platform4 (2008-2012)

Since its opening in 2008 and all the way until it closed in 2018, creative hub Platform4 in Aalborg, Denmark, was a unique and unconventional setting for art and technology in the shape of workshops, entrepreneurship, electronics hacking, concerts, festivals and a plethora of other events.

Founded by Christian Villum, Sofie Nielsen, Kristian Ravn-Ellestad & Jonas Westergaard.

PLADS (2017-18)

PLADS is a space prepared for you. Created by artists for people living in or visiting the city. Behind PLADS stands Rune Brink Hansen from Dark Matters, Majken Overgaard from Art & Innovation Hub & Christian Villum from Science Friction.

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Founded by Christian Villum, Majken Overgaard & Rune Brink Hansen.

Radicles (2014)

Radicles was an experimental art gallery concept, which distributed virtual contemporary art pieces in urban public space as well as in private homes using augmented reality technology on mobile units.

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Founded by Carl Emil Carlsen, supported by Christian Villum.

Gratis Luft (2009-2012)

Event production company with a quirky approach; responsible for – among other things – the ATRAP festival series.

Founded by Christian Villum, Sofie Nielsen & Kristian Ravn-Ellestad.

Freeform101 (2008-2013)

A blog. A contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other subjects in our increasingly globalized network society. (archived site:

Founded by Christian Villum.

Labelkollektiv + Labelkollektiv Distribution (2007-2014)

Collective of music labels hailing from the city of Aalborg, Denmark.

Founded by a series of labels, including Uhrlaut Records.

Tree of Knowledge (Burning Man)(2013-2014)

Art installation and a community performance for Burning Man; a collaborative ritual manifested around a dead, modular tree equipped with flourescant algae in organically disposable bulps – fruits – that Our Tribe, and the broader Burning Man community, could pick and apply to the skin for beautiful self-decoration as well as to illustrate– literally, to illuminate– the magic of sharing knowledge, though the rich symbolism of sharing light. (archived site)

Founded by Christian Villum, Kat Braybrooke, Primavera de Filippi, Tristan Copley Smith & Matt Blumberg.

Formulab (2011-2012)

Co-working space for art & technology entrepreneurs. (archived site:

Founded by Christian Villum, Sofie Nielsen & Kristian Ravn-Ellestad.

Science Friction (2013 – ongoing/dormant)

Art & technology collective focused on the friction between the two.

Founded by Jacob Sikker Remin, Carl Emil Carlsen, David Gauthier, Jamie Allen, Jakob Bak & Jens Jørgensen – and later joined by Christian Villum.

Bit Bugs (2012 – ongoing)

Bitbugs Lab is the virtual space for various art & technology related projects of me, Christian Villum.

It is a blog for my experiments with technology, failings and successes, and the sharing of new stuff I have learned along the way.

Founded by Christian Villum